What Do You Want From Me?

But seriously. Under every generic missionary “job description” (if such a thing exists), one will find: “must write regular blog/update/something to keep your friends and family aware that you are alive and doing interesting things in an exotic location.” But this is where my problem begins. You see, in my last blog, I told you … Continue reading

The Word of the Day is…”Adjustment.”

Happy Monday Friends! Goodness. Lots of things happening…I’ve basically been in a whirlwind since my last post, so I’ll try and update you in a manner as concise as possible…  The word to describe the last several months personally and professionally would be “adjustment.”  In the last two months, two of my best friends in … Continue reading

It’s a Garden….really…it is! (Photo Day 5)

Buenas! Still working away at the photo list, and well…just working away. Started a new project in Pantanal last Friday that I’m pretty excited about. Michael and I are learning from some people visiting from the States how to set up an aquaponics system. This is a method of growing plants in water with the … Continue reading

Up Close (Photo Day 4)

  Happy Monday! Saw this Saturday in Parque Central. A VW Bus with Argentina license plates. Didn’t have an opportunity to talk with the guys–but looked like they were doing the classic road trip. Definitely not something you see everyday… Headed to the homestate  Wednesday for 3 weeks….Excited to see friends and family/experience spring time … Continue reading

Something I Love (Photo Day 3)

Last night was the monthly concert at one of my favorite restaurants–Garden Cafe. The restaurant started hosting concerts last summer, and it has been a huge success; satisfying the desires of many Granada gringos to see live music in a classy, affordable environment. Last night was especially a treat with the band “April and the … Continue reading

Things I Do Everyday (Photo Day 2)

I’ve always loved coffee, but only started drinking it daily when I moved to the new house. Now, I drink at least one cup every morning…usually 2–one at home and one at El Puente during morning activities.

Photo 1: Me (and Willa)

For almost a year, Willa (my directors’ 14 year old daughter) and I have been hanging out every Wednesday afternoon. It’s pretty much one of my favorite parts of the week. Things we do include :surprise trips to Managua; movie afternoons (we’re currently going through the LOTR series); cooking dinner for her family; and harassing … Continue reading

Something different…

Good morning friends! Trying to kickstart the blogging process again….So, am going to try something different–a 30 day photo challenge. I’ve done this long enough not to promise I will post everyday…but I will try to post regularly. With each photo I’ll try to add informative commentary.  So. Over the next 30 (or so) days, … Continue reading

Checking in

There’s a lot happening right now (as always), but the “big” thing is something I don’t really like to talk about…So, we’ll see how this post goes.  Some of you know that I have experienced headaches for a tidge over 10 years (Since Feb 14,2003). Thankfully they aren’t migraines, but the docs really don’t know … Continue reading