Posted in July 2012


Probably one of the most profound lessons I’ve learned since moving to Granada is that this “Christian life” is, well, life. It isn’t something I do as part of a job or part of a relationship–it is everything. It has become everything. Or, rather, the Christ behind the Christian life has become everything. He has … Continue reading

Parasites and other things…

First things first–I finally took the parasite test yesterday. And, not only did it show I have one parasite, I have two: Entamoeba coli and Entamoeba histolytica. Started an antibiotic last night, and am hoping to see improvement soon.  It was kind of amazing–the test plus the medication cost less than $15–probably a fraction of … Continue reading

Bugs! And Interns!

Thoughts from this week… I don’t get sick very often, but when I do, for a short time, my body decides it hates me. The parasite issue (which may or may not still be a problem) transformed this week into a sinus infection and all of the general nastiness that entails. It has been hard, … Continue reading

Oh dear…

I really need to make a Mid-Year’s Resolution (starting in July) to update more often. To stop talking about it, just doing it.  The thing is, I know if I were to write more frequently, then the actual act of doing so would be so minor. It’s like exercise–when you’re running every day, it isn’t … Continue reading