It’s a Garden….really…it is! (Photo Day 5)


Still working away at the photo list, and well…just working away. Started a new project in Pantanal last Friday that I’m pretty excited about. Michael and I are learning from some people visiting from the States how to set up an aquaponics system. This is a method of growing plants in water with the aid of fish and their fertilizer (a filtration system). One of the guys that is helping us said it is like having “plants on steroids.” …Some of you know my history of not being able to consistently grow things in Nicaragua. That being said, I’m pretty excited about the potential here, and seeing how we can use it to help communities in Granada. Here is a link to a website giving more information about aquaponics: Below is the beginnings of our system. The large tank in the middle will house our fish; the half-tanks on the sides will be the garden beds; and the buried tank is our sump pump. Will continue to take pictures and keep you updated on the progress. Have a great day! Image

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