The Word of the Day is…”Adjustment.”

Happy Monday Friends!

Goodness. Lots of things happening…I’ve basically been in a whirlwind since my last post, so I’ll try and update you in a manner as concise as possible…

 The word to describe the last several months personally and professionally would be “adjustment.”  In the last two months, two of my best friends in Granada have left town. Kylie ( roommate /intern/friend-extraordinaire) has returned to Virginia to complete her degree at William and Mary; and Baker (neighbor/bike-repairman/ entertainment to Kylie and I) is taking some time to study at Regent College in Vancouver. I’m excited for both of them, and know God is going to be using this next phase to grow them in amazing ways… Because of this, I do not want for them to stay… at the same time, however, it has been an adjustment…figuring out what life without them looks like.  

Since Kylie has left, I have a new roommate–Heather. She has visited Granada several times on trips and as an intern for El Puente. She will be staying with me through December (when my lease is up). She is lovely and I’m looking forward to many adventures with her.

 Since Baker has left, I have filled his role of “Director of Operations” at El Puente. Basically this means I am in charge of the grounds (maintenance/upkeep); events (making sure things are ready for services/extra events); and managing the guards at El Puente (payroll/assignments/etc). It has been a lot to learn, and there have been many moments of feeling overwhelmed… but honestly,I’m loving it.  I’m learning how amazing and capable the staff at El Puente is, and how much goes on behind the scenes…it has given me new appreciation for all the work that happens to pull a service off. 

 The problem with my job is that there are so many cool opportunities  it can be difficult to say “no.” That being said, it is easy to be so involved with so many things that you don’t have the time to do any of them well. If I am unable to be faithful with a few things, what business do I have doing many things? So, after much time in prayer and discussion with Charles and Sarah,  this new role means I am letting go of another role: starting a community health program for El Puente. While I am still involved with some aspects of community health in the Granada community (medical trips, gardening with a nutrition emphasis); it is no longer my primary focus for ministry.  Instead, I’m attempting to narrow my scope and have my main focuses be the operations role and with The Jicaro Project. I still have many other projects I’m involved in (aquaponics, discipleship, working with the youth, and a couple more), but my heart will be focused on ministry and operations at El Puente…working on doing these well instead of just “okay”.  I’m so excited as I enter my 3rd year (wow!) with this ministry to see how God will use this time and this new direction. Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment as I continue to follow  this path with my Jesus….So glad He is walking this with me!! 

Aquaponics update (with pictures!) coming soon-ish.

Have a great week! Thanks for your continual prayers and support!

Much love,




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