What Do You Want From Me?

But seriously.

Under every generic missionary “job description” (if such a thing exists), one will find: “must write regular blog/update/something to keep your friends and family aware that you are alive and doing interesting things in an exotic location.”

But this is where my problem begins.

You see, in my last blog, I told you I had a new job. This now not-so-new job (which I love), is mostly administration. Think Excel documents/pay scales/juggling hours. Interesting and exotic, right? I think so too. This isn’t to say I don’t love what I do. Like I said. I love what I do. I have four incredible individuals working for me, whom I have the pleasure of getting to know and learn from. But my days are full of solving maintenance and administrative challenges–not going into the wilds of Nicaragua preaching the Gospel.

And the rest of my time?

Living life. Yes. I still work at the Jicaro Project. And, yes, I continue to do “other things.” But, those “other things”/”projects” that I once considered ministry or life challenges have transformed into friendships I treasure and day-to-day that is…well…nothing more than day-to-day.

So. You see, when I look at that job description and read, “must write regular blog/update, ” I get stuck. Every. Single. Time. Because, to me, this life I live is not particularly interesting and it certainly isn’t exotic. It is life. It is one I love, but not one I particularly know how best to share. But. I’m willing.

That being said. I ask you. My reader–what would you like to know? What are your questions? What makes a missions/travel blog interesting?


2 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?

  1. What are some of the cool things about the area where you live? What are the people like? What do they (and you) do for fun? What’s the weirdest bug/animal you’ve encountered while there? And was it in your shower or bed? These are the things that would make your missionary blog interesting to me!

  2. Bethany, We met you this afternoon on the street corner by the Iglesia San Francisco, the lost looking couple:) I found the website for Bridge Granada and am excited about what God is doing through your organization. Unfortunately, we are only here for two days, but who knows, maybe God orchestrated our meeting to give us a reason to come back! Tracy and Brian

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