Thoughts…In no particular order…

The 25k is a week from today. I’m stoked to run it, to spend time in Ometepe, etc…but I am also just sick of running. I’m also really slow, which has been a humbling experience…realizing there’s a chance I may come in last. I’m certainly not going to try to finish last…but I am realistic … Continue reading

Purpose. And Races. And Gardens.

I’m currently going through You Version’s 1 year reading plan, and loving it. It’s great for discipline and keeping me in Scripture. Last week I came across a passage of Scripture that I love. In fact, it may now be my mission statement. Are you ready? Here you go:  “But I do not account my … Continue reading

2013 Goals

The week since returning from the States has been a time of reflection on 2012 and praying about/looking forward to 2013. Friday, I met with Charles and Sarah to go over my goals for the coming year. To keep myself accountable to you all, and to give you a better idea of what my life … Continue reading

Adios 2012…Hola 2013.

As 2012 comes to a screeching halt, I look back at all that has happened, and am in disbelief. I started off this year with the decision of staying in Granada “indefinitely” Since making that decision, my life has exploded. I have led three teams, become more involved with the Jicaro Project, and continued to … Continue reading


This was probably the craziest morning of my life. Not kidding. And I’ve had some crazy mornings in my life…but today likely tops them all. A little background. The Granada Taxis have been on strike for 3 days now. Basically they all park around the square (causing a mild case of grid-lock) and are protesting … Continue reading

Better Belize It!

Creative title…I know.  There are several notes I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time, but have never gotten around to it. Today seemed a good day. Every 6 months I have to leave Nicaragua to renew my visa. Usually I go to the States, but, money is tight and I’m trying to save. … Continue reading


Probably one of the most profound lessons I’ve learned since moving to Granada is that this “Christian life” is, well, life. It isn’t something I do as part of a job or part of a relationship–it is everything. It has become everything. Or, rather, the Christ behind the Christian life has become everything. He has … Continue reading